A new look and geeking out!

Welcome to my new blog!

I used to blog at The Indoor Adventurer but after a while it became neglected as I felt rather uninspired by it. It wasn’t personal and didn’t reflect me or the things I really want to blog about. So this blog is all about me and how I identify. As an eco-warrior, animal lover and geek, ‘the Geeky Hippie’ as a title just felt right.

I like to think of this refreshed blog as my virtual personal scrapbook, a place to dump personal thoughts and feelings when I need to, a place to share my love of books and board games and other geekery that takes my fancy.  A notebook to keep my creative moments. A corner of the internet where I can just be me. I do also run an environmental blog. But that’s more of a professional blog that sits alongside my aims to become a copywriter in the environmental sector. If you’re a fellow hippie, you can check it out here.

After a dark winter of depression and frustration with my job and job-hunting, with the emergence of spring, I’ve reached a happy place where I feel like me again. And when I feel like me, I feel like blogging! I think this is due to a whole host of reasons including the return of the light, finally having a great group of geeky friends near where I live, and readjusting my perspective and priorities. I also don’t know how I’d survive without the support from my boyfriend (sorry soppy moment over). One of those reasons could also be all the geekery I’m indulging in at the moment!

So as part of my first post on this blog (my other posts I’ve brought over from my old blog) I thought I’d share some of the things I’m geeking over at the moment!

  1. Dungeons and Dragons: I am SO happy to be playing a fantasy RPG with a group again. I used to play Pathfinder during my masters 3 years ago, which made me fall in love with role-playing. I’ve really missed it and it’s just as fun as I remembered, especially with my geek squad, we always have a ball.  I also adore my character, Rowan, a wood elf ranger who is a badass with a longsword. But she’s also a little bit too attached to it (it’s been cursed by a vampire). She also has a pet wolf called Storm (my dream much?!)
  2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: After the price went down on Amazon, I’m finally the proud owner of this beautiful game for my 3DS. Despite being a big Zelda fan I’ve yet to play this game! Enjoying it so far, I’m at the Goron City. Let’s see if it can beat Twilight, one of my all time favourite games.
  3. Stargate Atlantis: I feel like I’m having a geeky education at the moment, watching the iconic sci-fi shows I somehow missed up to now. Having finished watching Firefly and Serenity with friends, me and the boyfriend are now onto Stargate Atlantis. We’ve reached season 2. Rodney, John and Taylor are my favourite characters but Ronan could soon join that list!
  4. Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce: I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this book now (and the series). I grew up rereading Tamora Pierce’s Lioness Quartet series but somehow never knew about Wild Magic which comes after. I’m gutted for my teenage self that never got to enjoy this follow on but very happy to be reading it now! It’s also right up my street with Daine, the protagonist, being able to communicate with animals and hang out with ponies all day. Also yay magic! And my new fantasy is now to become a Queen Rider!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new blog! What have you been geeking out over recently?

The Geeky Hippie x


2 thoughts on “A new look and geeking out!

  1. I absolutely adore Tamora Pierce and love to hear about others finding her, and enjoying her work! There’s several more series’ after you’ve finished Daine’s books so don’t forget to check those out too 🙂 I also totally know what you mean about old sci fi shows; my fiance and I hadn’t watched Stargate either so we went through the original and then onto Atlantis. We had to stop because he suffers from insomnia and went through a really bad patch so we weren’t able to ‘match’ our schedules. So now it’s on the back burner as we catch up on some other stuff.


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